VS-COURT coating

court coveringVS-COURT” is ideal for many kinds of sports as: tennis, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, badminton or even hockey. “VS COURT” covering is also suitable for roller skating – unique feature, which distinguishes it from other outdoor sports coverings. Other types of floorings which are glued, molded or is just artificial grass surface do not support good roll. “VS COURT” sports flooring is made from highly durable polypropylene material, therefore it naturally decomposes only after 200 years. The high quality of “VS COURT” sports flooring is guaranteed with 10 years of warranty. One of the main advantages of this surface is the honeycomb design coating, which provides the necessary grip for a tennis ball. Moreover, the surface is smooth therefore it prevents from heavy physical injuries when you fall. “VS COURT” sports covering delivers excellent shock absorption characteristics and is resistant to frost, UV rays and fading. As the consequence the quality and the look over time remains stable. However, one of the biggest advantages of “VS-COURT” sports flooring is low maintenance costs.
“VS-COURT” product meets EN14041:2004 standards and have the CE marking.

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